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Over 6 years I have been programming and designing Online Casinos. I can tell you, it has all been very interesting. While I cannot speak for those companies, I do know enough to give you the inside scoop on 99.9% of all online casinos Online casino malaysia.

Online Casinos allow you to do just about anything. It is possible to see everything online, from the simplest things like online slot machines with low payout percentages to the most complicated “intelligent possibility altering”, and it all happens right under your nose. The majority of people just trust the casino and tell themselves they are having a bad streak.

The low payout percentage is the most prevalent scam. It can be used in nearly every game/program. It does nothing other than change the payouts that the player (you) receives. Casinos must follow a minimum legal payout percentage for slot machines. But, there’s no way to prove they are skimming on payouts. To prove that a particular casino isn’t paying the minimum percentage, you must track your spins, keep track of all your wins and losses and meticulously document all this.

You would have to spend literally tens of thousands just to see the entire system. The higher the number of spins, the more precise your final result (percentage). To have any accuracy, you need at least 10,000 spins. Because you cannot do it in play money, the odds of winning are significantly different. Play-money mode has a player advantage to lure you in.

It is almost impossible to prove complex programs such as “intelligent chance”, unless you have the system’s blueprint. You can’t even detect it. Isn’t that creepy?

It’s a smart program, much like the name implies. It learns and studies. It learns about your play habits and your betting amounts under certain conditions. It basically reads what you do. 90% of the time, it can predict your every move before you do. It’s not the worst part. This information is collected solely to help it determine when and how much money you can squeeze from you. It is possible to lose $500 when I win $400. You might be more likely to keep playing after losing the same $500 in slow-up-and down games. It’s all different for everyone. Or should I say it, between people because the program learns about you to find out what your personality is. “.

I could write a whole novel about this topic. That would be amazing, as 90% of Online Casinos have been put out of business by one book. You almost feel sorry for them. You can’t imagine anything that Online Casinos haven’t created. This is the truth, and the sooner you accept it, you will be better off. It’s impossible to know which Online Casinos work well and which are not. All you have to do is be in the right place at right time.

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